What is it this time? A Bug-Murder-Mystery

One of our applications had an interesting bug a while back. We had quite a journey debugging it. Let me tell you how we solved this case. The Scene We create ‘Processes’ in our application. The database stores these processes. All month-old processes are deleted every night by a cron job. The code looks something […]

Interview met Arnout

Om meer inzicht te geven in wat we op technisch vlak doen en waar we enthousiast van worden, spraken we met Arnout Boks.    Specs Geboren en gebleven in Delft, sinds ’87 Fan van natuur en de buitenwereld Wiskundige Discipline Lead Development Wat hij zou doen als hij multimiljoenen wint: wiskunde onderwijzen, iets met een […]

How to share Psalm rules amongst multiple repositories

How to share Psalm rules amongst multiple repositories

A smaller development team recently decided to enforce stricter Psalm rules on their project. After some groaning, the team found that these stricter rules saved them time reviewing merge requests and caused them fewer headaches solving bugs. After singing the praises we wanted to expand these rules to the rest of the codebase, but then […]